Annyeong~ This is me ^_^ Only a simple girl :) I love to blog and eat :p My name is Nadiah Ayun Aldian...My father's name? No need to mention... =) My nickname? Everbody calls me Nadiah, Naa and sometime, Nana... But.. I wish, they call me Shin. I really hope! When I was 5 years old, I did' nt go to kindergarten. I study at home with my mum. But when I 6 years old, I study at kindergarten. Weird? But, my result in exam, it' s quite good... I did' nt know how to read even I'm six already... But I trained hard! I tried to be a smart people. Tried only okay :p When I was 7 to 11 years old, I study in SK Mak Mandin.Well, it's just a small school. However, it's big enough for me :p Oh! I'm a blogger, kpoper and blinkers... My favourite group (k-pop)? Infinite, EXO, Teen Top. I most love is INFINITE! My ultimate bias is SungJong! He engaged with me already :p Second bias is TaoRis EXO ^^ I love red,purple, pink. Rainbow is my favourite colour too ^^ When I grow up, I wanna be a lawyer. Hobby? Read novels, eat (?) and blog :) I'm from Pulau Pinang. But my mom and dad are from Indonesia ;) Every year, I can go there :p Kay, bye~ =D

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